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There and back again; A GoT Tale. House Baratheon

Firstly! Thanks for taking the time to read my very first blog post for Worlds of Westeros! It's 15 days until the premiere of season 2 and here's to hoping I can keep a good steady amount of content going up until then! Please note these opinion pieces do contain spoilers and is meant primarily for people who A. Have read the books or B. Don't mind Spoilers.

It's come to my attention throughout the GoT blogsphere and various fansites that while hopes are high, some are worried that since "A Clash of Kings" has no full resolution like the previous book that it will leave people unsatisfied. I disagree! Between some liberal use of events in "A Storm of Swords" (hearby called ASoS) and some creative breaks by the writing team I think season 2 can have as good a cut off point if not better than season 1.

Todays update is speculation on how season 2 could end for the members of House Baratheon. Spoilers abound you have been warned after this jump!

Getting to the meat of things! Let's talk about the members of House Baratheon and where things have potential to end at for this lot.

Joffrey Baratheon: How we love to hate him! If you despised him in season 1 you will HATE him by the end of season 2. I don't expect his arc will change much from the book. The Tyrell's will save the day at Blackwater but comes at the price of a marriage pact. Some aspects of ASoS will probably appear at the end in his agreeing to marry Margery Tyrell and discarding Sansa Stark.  A fitting conclusion I believe to his arc for the season. It allows a closure to the season for him as well as relief that Sansa Stark will not have to marry this monster.

Myrcella Baratheon: I'm fairly certain she is included this season. If only in small cameos since she is credited as part of season 2. While her part to play this season is very minor it is important later on. Due to the leaked HBO synopsis of the first 5 episodes we do know the Imp makes the wedding proposals for Cersei's brood. I suspect the last we'll see of poor Myrcella in season 2 is her being shipped off to Sunspear in Dorn. Never to be heard from again for a few seasons.

Tommen Baratheon: Likewise there has been little mention of Tommen for this season other than he is present. I do suspect they'll use Tommen this season as Imp's "hostage". There probably won't be much mention of him past Cersei and Imp's threats after the fact. They would be remiss not to use his little screen time though considering his role later on in the books much like Myrcella.

Renly Baratheon: Poor Renly I rather liked his character both in the books and his little time in season 1. Thanks to the first 5 episodes synopsis we do know his death comes very early in the season only four episodes in. The good news is thanks to interviews from the cast we do know the manner of his death is kept intact which means the series won't shy away from the supernatural elements coming.

Stannis Baratheon: Stannis, even after reading up to book 5 I'm still honestly unsure how I feel about him. One thing is certain though. His arc for season 2 will likely be him cursing the others for his loss at the Blackwater with his new found religious friend making him promises that it's not the end for his reach for the crown. It will likely be a "added" scene since Stannis is no where to be seen in the Blackwater other than Imps musings that he's hidden somewhere safe.

Cersei Baratheon: What a power hungry little wench she is eh? I expect her last scenes will involve gloating over her "victory" on the Imp and dealing with the Tyrell's. A fitting end this season for her. It will make a fitting book end piece for her. A somewhat happy ending for her this season because not much happiness is left to her going forward. Very little needs to be changed from book 2 for her send off for the season.

Thanks for taking the time in reading my predictions smallfolk! Please note these are predictions and a counter argument for those who claim this season/book has no clear "ending." I could very well be wrong but I think I'm hitting close to the mark. I'll make sure to write a follow up report for each piece after the end of season 2. Stay tuned readers House Lannister will be next!

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