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There and back again; A GoT Tale. House Greyjoy & Tyrell

Happy Monday Lords and Ladies! I hope your weekend treated you well because Spring is coming! Let's us say goodbye to the winter that never was. Carrying on from previous posts I hope I can continue to enlighten the naysayers who claim season 2 can not hope to have a resolved ending as seen in season 1 for our characters.

Today we're going to dive into two houses that are not part of the four major houses, but none the less have entered into the game of thrones.

As always the travels ahead are fraught with spoilers! Carry on at your own risk.


Balon Greyjoy: A new cast member for the season! He certainly looks the part! Theon Greyjoy's father and lord of the Iron Isles. I expect there will be some sexposition in describing the events that led up to Theon being sent to Winterfel in the first place. Balons great desire is to return his people back to their old Nordic viking ways. Amidst the chaos he claims himself King of the Iron Isles. He however is a bit more short sited in his grand plans.  Instead of securing his position and marching on King's Landing he sets his sites elsewhere for revenge. His wrap up will depend largely on how they handle Theon. However his last scenes will probably involve him invoking great pride in Theons accomplishments for his father. Or rage and sorrow depending on the direction they take. Likewise for anything involving Asha.

Theon Greyjoy: You saw subtle foreshadowing for this in season one if you weren't a book reader. A lot of his actions should not be horribly surprising. It will be fun watching him this season struggling to prove himself to his father and the Iron Isles that he's not a kraken turned wolfpup. I''m honestly quite unsure of how they will end his arc this season! From a tv standpoint  I can only really see one of two possibilities either would serve well though I'm banking on option A. A. It will end for him like in the books when the Boltons turn not only on the Starks but also Greyjoy. His last scene will likely be the relief that he did not lose Winterfel only to be knocked out cold by Bolton. Option B. would allow for one brutal cliffhanger but I'm not sure if HBO has the balls to go this route. End his arc where he displays Bran and Rickons heads on spikes at Winterfel. While leaving enough doubt that they might still very well be alive.

Asha/Yara Greyjoy: First before i delve into her I do want to rant both at HBO and the world population in general that their intelligence isn't great enough to distinguish the name Asha with Osha. But since HBO decided the names were too similar and would lead to confusion she is now called Yara. Which by the way sounds nothing remotely close to Arya. *sigh* I find Asha Yara to be a rather interesting character. Mr Martin is bashed often that he relegates females to being little more than whores and house wives but I have to wonder if they skipped over Yara, Arya, or Brienne. Another new cast member to Thrones and one I'm looking forward to seeing. It's a safe bet that her closure of this season will be her warning to Theon to run and not look back from Winterfel. With her riding off with her men into the wolfswood without looking back a fitting end to the Greyjoy presence season 2 overall considering how they all mistrust Theon.

Loras Tyrell: While I think his screen time will be limited after Renly's death. I think what time there is will be interesting. Not only will he be heading to Kings Landing after failing to keep Renly alive, he also lost his lover. A aspect that is hinted at vaguely in the books but expanded on greatly in the show. I think in the future we'll see some turmoil and  anger from him because of Renly that isn't present in the books. I think it's a given we'll see Loras in the finale kneeling before the Iron Throne and accepting a white cloak of the kings guard as part of the price of their help.

Margery Tyrell: Before i go into depth on this. I'm going to skip forward a bit and say Margery is definitely her grandmothers pet. I'm really excited to see who they will cast for the queen of thorns. I'm almost hoping for Maggie Smith. I'm anticipating season 3 and 2 hasn't even aired yet! There will be some deviations for Margery from the book as proven from interviews and some trailers. The Margery we will be seeing isn't quite as soft spoken as in the books out the gate. She also is apparently aware that her husband is gay and is ok with it but has to keep Renly, Loras, and all of High Garden in check. I suspect since Renly's death is so quick we will likely see her in the finale in Kings Landing being offered up as Joffs future Queen. Expect to see a much more cunning Margery from the beginning unlike the book.

Thanks for reading my humble predictions! I'll be serving up a after the fact platter of crow for myself if I'm wrong in the weeks following season 2. Stay tuned folks more character analysis will be coming in the days ahead! Tomorrow look forward to a editorial on the Reed's and why it's not the end of the world they weren't cast.

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