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There and back again; A GoT Tale. House Targaryen & Her Groupies

We've reached the middle of the week campers! Hope it's going well for you. Today we are getting back to our House series! In no small show of favoritism we're going to be talking about House Targaryen today! Unfortunately... they seem to be an endangered species and would be a rather short article SO! To make it a little more interesting we'll be also speaking about a few of her hanger-ons! (Is that even a word?)

We'll be talking about a few things this article since it will be rather short otherwise. Clash of Kings while interesting for our Kahleesi is rather short in time spent with her. Because of that HBO has stated they will be expanding on her story this season so here's some interesting possibilities to think over to! You know the drill now spoilers ahead for those who refuse to read the books!

Daenarys Stormborn Targaryen: Like I said I'll make no secret of my favoritism on who I want to see sit the Iron Throne! If the series makes it all the way to the end her title will be so long by the people, I'm afraid they'll kill over from lack of oxygen before they can announce all she accomplishes.

To give reference to those who don't mind spoilers and have not read the books. Dany's time in CoK is short but powerful. She basically starts where you last saw her making the hard decision of turning tail back to Pentos, Staying in the horse lords Sea or... crossing the red wastes where there's little chance of making that crossing alive. (Readers care to guess which path she chooses?!)
Still guessing? Ok she takes the hard route duh! Well she makes it! SURPRISE! Not only that she finds a abandoned city waiting for her and what little is left of her kahlesar to walk into and set up shop. But that doesn't last long! Her riders who scouted ahead discovered the city of Qarth is within sight and they brought back citizens who can not believe there's dragons in the world again. They rush her and her people to Qarth to wine and dine her and let her children be paraded in the city. Of course none of those fine people want to take advantage of our Dany do they?! Suffice to say by the end her welcome is worn out and she moves on to her next destination.

It sounds like a lot but if my memory serves me Dany only has all of 4 chapters the entire book. All of this happens rather rapidly so what's HBO to do? Expand! From trailers and slips here and there we do know there will be some time spent with Dany absolutely bent on returning to Westeros. (And if you're a book reader you'd only wish book Dany was so determined lmao) There likely will be more added scenes between her and the people of Qarth illustrating that while people revere her for being the mother of dragons. They only care about her dragons not her and her cause. I also think as to not keep viewers out of the loop they will be introducing her second knight in shining armor Ser Barristan (Remember that pissed off knight Joff dismissed? yeah... bet in the end the Lannisters will regret that huh?!) a bit sooner than in the books. This is all speculation however because I have not heard one way or the other if the actor is returning for season 2. Would be very remiss if they didn't keep him in the forefront though seeing as our good bear knight needs someone to play off of in the future.

Pretty much a given her last scenes of the season will involve her boarding a ship sent to her from Pentos and making a decision to set sail out from Qarth. Part of me wants to say they might go far enough into ASoS to establish she won't be returning to Pentos but instead heading out to the slave cities.

 Aemon Targaryen: I love the actor! How many people realize just how many actors there are in Game of Thrones that also starred in the Harry Potter movies? Sadly we doubtfully will be seeing Maester Aemon this year. With the Nights Watch story being largely about going beyond the wall there probably will be no scenes back at Castle Black for him. If we do it will just be in a few quick scenes receiving ravens from the Lord Commander.

Jorah Mormont: Truth be told not one of my favorite characters. But probably one of the deepest of the secondary players. Expect to see more lustful looks from him at Dany with shady moments that make you question his loyalty. Assuming Ser Barristan makes his appearance as in the books. Look forward to seeing lots of fights and discord between the two. I'll be very interested how the show will play them against each other without letting Dany know both of them aren't what they seem. My predictions for Jorah is likely his last scene will be with Dany discussing where she should go next. Perhaps ending with a kiss?

Thanks for reading folks! I'll post a recap after season 2 to see how close to the mark I was and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Tomorrow we'll continue on with our House analysis and see what's going on with the Nights Watch beyond the wall!

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