Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 Most Anticipated Scenes of Season 2: Part 1

 Morning Westerosi! Just roughly one more week to go! There's big things coming this season! Are you looking forward to seeing the Starks take their revenge on the Lannisters? Or are you on the edge of your seat seeing if unlike the ones that came before him, Tyrion will keep his life while serving as hand of the king? Or maybe you're excited to see some of the new characters that have been cast this year? Fridays update is all about the top ten scenes I can't wait to see played out on the screen. Read ahead but spoilers abound!

Scene #10  Sansas visits to the godswood:  I think people will be getting some new perspective on Sansa this season and seeing just how frightened and angry she is with these scenes. Having all her hopes pinned on her Florien to get out of Kings Landing alive. Also wouldn't hurt to see her last visit to the godswood and receiving a certain hairnet to wear to a wedding now will it?

Scene#9 Brienne winning the tourney at Storms End: A small scene but one that I found fun in the book and will be enjoyable seeing Lady Starks surprise/shock to see a woman win a tourney. Also gives you a sense of her character when she wins all she asks of Renly is to be in his service.

Scene#8  Tyrion and  Cersei's dinner conversation: Can anyone say JERRY JERRY JERRY! This scene will  be awesome to watch. Between Cersei's  "goof" in capturing the wrong whore. Yet being so proud, and Tyrions threat (and predictions of the future?) I'll be surprised if Peter Dinkledge doesn't win another emmy.

Scene #7 Arya being brought to HarrenhalI don't know if Harrenhal will have the scale as described in the books but if it does I can't wait to see Arya's reaction. Also hoping her inner turmoil in the books will translate well on screen in her proud tomboyish ways in her realization that she is still just a 10 year old girl.

Scene #6 Theon & Yara's first meeting: This is just me being a pervert most likely. But I expect this scene to be the "Tyrion confesses" equivalent for season 2. Seeing Theon make advances on his own sister not realizing who she is all while Yasha encourages it with a smirk until they get to Pyke and absolutely humiliates him with the knowledge he's been trying to feel up his own sister.

Thanks for reading folks! Part two will be sometime next week I hope you enjoyed reading my list! Add your voice to this and tell me what you're looking forward to seeing! Next update will be on Monday morning so please stay tuned! Monday will feature House Tully, House Bolton and the small council.

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