Sunday, March 18, 2012

There and back again; A GoT Tale. House Lannister

Good day Lords and Ladies! It's 2 weeks to the day till season 2 premiers! I bet you're all excited as I am! Continuing where we last left off yesterday in my season 2 ending predictions we'll be talking about House Lannister today!

As before this post contains spoilers! Read at your own risk after the jump.

Tywin Lannister: Old, feared and devious played masterfully by Charles Dance. In CoK there is actually zero interaction with him other than hearsay by a certain ghost in Harrenhal. It is confirmed he will be starring again this season so pretty much a certainty he'll have a few scenes if seen only by Arya Stark. I do believe at the end we will see elements of ASoS in so much that we will see Tywin make a glorious return to Kings Landing to assume his position as Hand of the King that was held by Tyrion in his stead.

Jamie Lannister: In a small bit of gushing, if Game of
Thrones makes it to the end he is the one to watch in terms of transformations. Sadly CoK is not kind to the king slayer. Expect to see most of his scenes in a dungeon. By the end of season two we will certainly be seeing Jamie and the maid of Tarth making their way to Kings Landing after a scene I'm expecting to be very intense between him and Lady Stark.

Tyrion Lannister: HBO's man of the hour! I expect he'll be stealing the show yet again. We'll be seeing a lot of interaction between him and Cersei this season. Be prepared to be entertained! Sadly the Battle of Blackwater will not be kind to the Imp. My prediction for his ending of season 2 could go one of two ways I'm thinking. The season could use him as a cliffhanger leaving you in doubt if he will live or die. Or his recovery will be ramped up in the finale to stage what's to come next. Showing his resentment to Tywin tossing him out of his own home would be a wonderful ending to tease what will be coming in the future. If Peter Dinklage's performances were heralded for season 1. I'm confident he's going to raise the bar much much higher with the material he's going to be working with!

Kevan Lannister: I must confess. Kevan Lannister is probably the only casting I disagree with in the whole production. He is supposed to be Tywin's younger brother but looks his senior by a good 15 years. That aside a minor character that is credited in an appearance again this season. Predictions you ask? He will likely be last seen in the background with Tywin giving counsel as always.

Lancel Lannister: Poor Lancel he just can't win. First he was King Robert's running joke. Then Cersei's latest incest affection last season. Now he'll be Tyrions blackmail informant and maimed to boot! I think Lancels wrap up will depend in part on GRR Martin on if he has any future use for the story. I could easily see him just being killed off instead if only to cull the herd that is the massive cast. If they let him live like in the book his last major scene will likely be with Sansa Stark attending to him and getting him help. With a mention in the finale of his unsteady health.

Thanks for taking the time to read my predictions! Again these are only predictions from a made for tv view point. Since so many detractors think there is no way CoK can end without any kind of "ending". I'll make sure to do a follow up report in the weeks following the finale to see how accurate I was. Stay tuned smallfolk House Greyjoy and House Tyrell coming up!

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  1. Incredible! I can't wait to see more of the IMP!