Thursday, March 22, 2012

There and back again; A GoT Tale. The Nights Watch

Top of the morning to ya govnahs! To recap the past week, I've been releasing a series of articles for each House to prove to the detractors that with a little intelligence and good writing from the HBO team season 2 of Game of Thrones is every bit as much a self containable story as season 1 was. Today we'll be talking about the men of the nights watch and just what may happen for them this season! I do expect the Nights Watch will probably have the biggest change from the books if only to help pacing.

So lets just step beyond the wall and yadda yadda yadda SPOILERS yadda yadda yadda.

Before we get on to individual bios I'll talk about the overall arc of the Night Watch in CoK. It's dull!! Not a heck of a lot happens other than John Snow's alleged "turncloak" status. HBO will need to spice it up a bit. Speculation here but for the sake of pacing in a tv show if I had my say. They would speed up the Nights Watch story well into ASoS. In CoK you pretty much read chapter after chapter of their long and boring and uneventful trip past the wall seeing a whole lot of nothing with not a clue of where the wildlings have gone off to. Would make for pretty dull television. It would be a smart move on the part of the writing team to speed up their trip to the fist of the first man and hasten the white walkers attack. It would leave next season open to allow for Sams companions to make their journey back to the wall. and John's journey to get back to castle black with the wildlings. It would also give the Nights Watch arc some much needed action that is very lacking for them in CoK.

John Snow: He knows nothing! (see what I did thar?) I'm split on ideas where he could end up. Expect to see some conflict before his departure to the wildlings on questioning if it's right to even keep the wildlings imprisoned beyond the wall to build up tension to his eventual turn to the wildlings. We do know Ygritte has been cast so also expect to see their relationship sped up. Two possible endings for John Snow! It could end for him as in the books, killing one of his sworn brothers to prove he is no longer a crow so he can spy on the wildlings. Doing it this way would have a oh shit moment for a cliff hanger so it's a possibility. The second possible ending is like with the Nights Watch speed it up a bit and perhaps get him to the wildlings and leave him with a shot of just how many wildlings are gathering. Would certainly make for a dramatic moment.

Sam Tarly: Sam is probably one of my favorite pov characters in the books incoming more biased gushing! Perfect casting for him. I'm going to throw all my bets into the pot that the white walkers attack will be pushed up. I can't think of a more perfect conclusion to Sam this season than seeing him kill a white walker with dragon glass. Would be quite a full circle for him. Leaving as Sam the Craven and returning as Sam the Slayer.

Commander Mormont: Perfect casting for this guy! I really can look at him and believe that he is Ser Jorahs father. I'm of mixed feelings on how his send off will be. Part of me wants to say they may kill him off during the white walker attack. From a tv standpoint with John gone his role as "father" will be gone and it will allow for Sams journey to focus more on getting back to the wall versus a long drawn out stay at Crastors Keep. However it's just as likely it will remain as in the books that he will be wounded and die later from the wound.

Thanks for reading peoples! Tomorrow we'll be taking another break from this series and instead be talking about my 10 most anticipated scenes of the season. Stay tuned for the next house update on Saturday for House Tully and House Bolton.

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